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Holiday Season “City Breaks”

18.12.2016 in Travel

Holiday Season “City Breaks” As we enter the holiday season, we propose a holiday option entirely different from the typical getaways to the Greek countryside or islands; we recommend urban tourism, globally known as City Breaks, for a few pleasurable days in one of the many urban centers of the country! For those who haven’t had the chance to experience an “urban experience” or are not familiar with the “city break” concept, it’s worth mentioning that the trend of urban tourism is growing worldwide due to its role in separating “seasonality” with tourism (especially important for countries like Greece). Urban…

Winter in Greece

25.01.2016 in Travel

Winter in Greece Close your eyes, let your mind drift to Greece. What’s the first thing thought that comes to you? The sound of waves crashing on rocks, the taste of fresh fish, the smell of basil under your nose and your eyes blinded by the sun. Greece is synonymous with summer – warm weather and hospitable people; no one will deny it. For a place as blessed as Greece though, its beauty is not determined by the seasons. If you were only to think of Greece as summer destination, you would be missing the chance to explore its grand…

Enchanting Ioannina

01.11.2015 in Travel

Enchanting Ioannina   Ioannina, located in Northern Greece, is a captivating city which has made considerable contributions to the cultural life and history of the country overall.  This enchanting city has something for everyone, from a dynamic city center to peaceful lakeshores and stone castles, even the most discerning visitor will have an amazing time here.    Ioannina (also referred to as Yannena) is the capital city of Epirus and is situated around Lake Pamvotida. With a population of over 110,000, it is one of the more bustling provincial capital cities of Greece. Its vivacious character is attributable to a…