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Happy Healthy Holidays!

01.12.2015 in Arts & Culture

Happy Healthy Holidays!   The holiday season always seems to have a great impact on our hearts and emotions. It’s the unique opportunity we are given to escape from our daily routine which, most of the time, revolves around personal issues and family needs.  During the holidays, we meet with friends and family, socialize, care for the others, enjoy ourselves, have fun, dance and open up to the rest of the world.    However, this festive atmosphere can also bring on a melancholy for some as the season can bring to the surface an array of feelings – unfulfilled emotional or…

The Ambiguous Interpretation of “Crisis”

01.11.2015 in History

The Ambiguous Interpretation of “Crisis”    Can crisis stand for something more than instability and insecurity? As life is not perceived in black and white, neither are words. Words can change coloration in the way they are interpreted. Let us examine this term in perspectives, the positive and the negative; because crisis may carry a negative burden but it could also be a synonym to verve, creative spirit and innovation.    Beginning with the negative side, crisis is defined as a sudden event, leading to intense changes in various aspects. These changes, having a negative nuance, usually cause a feeling of…