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Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children

15.02.2020 in Arts & Culture

  Toys and smudges at Carnival-Country A Carnival theatrical performance that is transformed into a great Carnival Party. All children are becoming one active team with actors and are traveling throughout Greece and abroad. Children are becoming familiar and are participating in funny customs, dances, games and songs.   Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children “Carnival’s Puzzle” Can we have Carnival without colors, masks, dances and fun ? No way. No way. No way. “Carnival’s Puzzle” is an interactive theatrical performance, with full of imagination, games and fun. Children are assembling piece-by-piece the new Carnival-puzzle, they are solving the Carnival mystery…

The Athens Partnership – Innovation Abounds

15.08.2018 in Arts & Culture

The Athens Partnership – Innovation Abounds! Athens is an amazing city and it also has tremendous potential for advancement. It has energetic citizens, advanced educational institutions and an innovative private sector. But the city’s assets do not always come together in meaningful ways. The Athens Partnership was created to bring together the resources and expertise of the public and private sectors to address priority, public needs.   The Athens Partnership is a transparent and accountable nonprofit organization, designed to serve a unique role and benefit Athens residents. Mayor Georgios Kaminis has been the biggest advocate of the Partnership and it…

Adventures with Archimedes

01.11.2016 in For Kids

Welcome to Adventures with Archimedes! Learn about all the wonderful things this awesome inventor and scientist created and discovered so many many years ago!