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Asclepius and Hygieia

12.03.2020 in History

Asclepius and Hygieia   All over the ancient Greek world there were shrines and temples dedicated to Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia, the personification of health.   In the mythological world Apollo (the god of light, music, divination and healing) had a son called Asclepius. His mother was the mortal princess Coronis. Asclepius had a natural charisma regarding the natural world and therefore his father taught him the art of medicine and healing from a very young age. According to another myth, centaur Chiron (a mythological creature half man half horse) was the man who imparted all the secrets of…

A unique walk through history

13.06.2019 in Travel

A unique walk through history     No matter where you walk in Greece, you walk on history… For a third year in a row, the Hellenic Society for the Environmental and Cultural Heritage along with the Organizations and Citizens for a Sustainable Historic Center’s Network have organized, in cooperation with the Athens Festival, a series of walks in historical landmarks in Athens.   Following the extremely successful walks hosted in the last two years, Manolis Korres, architect, emeritus professor of the National Technical University of Athens and member of the Academy of Athens, will be guiding guests through the…

Athens, Cradle of Civilization, is World Book Capital 2018

18.09.2018 in Arts & Culture

Athens, Cradle of Civilization, is World Book Capital 2018 UNESCO’s nomination is yet another distinction for the City of Athens! After the cohosting documenta14, and recognition as an emerging cultural destination, in 2017 Athens is once again acknowledged as a city break destination in 2018 with the World Book Capital designation.   Athens has been named World Book Capital for 2018 by UNESCO. This concept and annual event was launched in 2001, and its successful outcome led UNESCO’s General Conference to designate World Book Capital an annual event, inviting the International Publishers Association, the International Federation of Library Associations and…

160 Years Gazi, an industrial past turned into a cultural present

06.03.2018 in Arts & Culture

160 Years Gazi, an industrial past turned into a cultural present     The Industrial Gas Museum launched in 2013 aiming to showcase and protect the old Athens Gasworks factory area, also known as “Fotaerio” or “Gazi”. Exhibitions and events had already been held in the facilities since 1999, slowly building its reputation as a renowned culture hub, the “Technopolis” of the City of Athens.   Back in 1857, the French businessman F. T. Feraldi was appointed the task of providing gas lighting to the city. The businessman was granted permission for the production and distribution of gas for a…

“The Little Mariner”, Odysseas Elytis

14.12.2017 in Arts & Culture

“The Little Mariner”, Odysseas Elytis     Athens, Greece has been selected as World Book Capital 2018 by UNESCO. In celebration of this designation, we’re sharing some of our favourite authors and books.   The Little Mariner (1970-74) by Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis is one of my favorite, most interesting reads. Some critics debate that somehow this collection did not have the same impact most of his other poems did. It is definitely a more mature work of his and the ways he manipulates poetic language in it can be somewhat perplexing. Elytis alternates between prose and poetry, using…

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!

01.06.2016 in Travel

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!   After a long day’s drive through the mountain ranges of Crete, we stopped at a small village cafe to grab a coffee before we made our way to our hotel. We could never have anticipated the experience that followed… the people we met, the bonds we made.    As we made our way to a table under a large shade tree, the cafe owner greeted us with a warm smile, a handshake and pat on the back, asking where we were from after he noticed the “rental” name on our car.  Before we could…

The Railway Carriage Theatre

06.02.2016 in Museums

The Railway Carriage Theatre At the platform of Rouf Railway Station in Athens, there is a train frozen in time standing ready to transfer its passengers to forgotten times. The Railway Carriage Theatre is not only a train theatre unique in the world but also a haven of culture and art. Since 1997 when the Railway Carriage Theatre opened its doors for the first time, it has continued to host theatrical, dance and music performances for all ages as well as educational programs, festivals, exhibitions, screenings and more. The founder of the Railway carriage theatre is acclaimed Greek actress and…

Wor(th)ship: The Photographic Field Work of Tassos Vrettos

01.12.2015 in Arts & Culture

Wor(th)ship: The Photographic Field Work of Tassos Vrettos    The photographic ‘fieldwork’ of celebrated Athens-born photographer Tassos Vrettos. The images document the makeshift places of worship of migrants and refugees in and around Athens and are  presented at the Benaki Museum, now through January 10, 2016.   Each of my visits, even when it wasn’t the first, even if I had been there time and time again, was like opening a door and entering a place of mystery, emotion, reverence and awe. Each space had its own unique identity and aura, from the bright colorful icons of an Indian temple…