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13.07.2020 in Arts & Culture

George Tzimas, A Chromatic Revolutionist Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Take a moment to see the art of George Tzimas and you will see a world of color, beauty and sheer joy. George Tzimas was born and raised in Athens. At the young age of 7, he began painting. Following his studies, he went on and received his fine ar ts ABC Diploma in France. With a spirit of humor and imagination, he began his artistic journey. Q. When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I have always…

The Monastery of Timios Prodromos

16.01.2018 in History

The Monastery of Timios Prodromos   Rare frescoes, along with unique icons, religious relics, and valuable manuscripts constitute the monastery of Timios Prodormos ,an exquisite example of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art.   Found in the depths of the gorge of Mount Menikion, 7.5 miles northeast of Serres, Timios Prodromos (St. John the Baptist) is one of the most historic monasteries of Macedonia. It was founded around 1270-1278 and later renovated circa 1300. The monastery was favorited by Byzantine emperors from the very first years of its existence. With their donations and grants, it gained considerable wealth and quickly developed into…

Marina Triantafyllou – Artist

10.08.2017 in Arts & Culture

Marina Triantafyllou, “By creating, you are partaking in life” Marina Triantafyllou grew up in the beautiful village of Lefkes on the island of Paros, Greece. At a young age, she realized she possessed a talent for art. From this, grew the dream of one day owning her own art studio/gallery where she could share her love and passion of all things artist with everyone. Marina Triantafyllou began her professional career in 1998 by studying renovation and restoration of old, traditional Byzantine iconography as well as murals (Fresco and Secco) at the Christian Brotherhood of Youth Art School in Athens, Greece….

Keeping a Family Legacy Alive…

15.06.2017 in Arts & Culture

The Nikos Sofialakis Center of Neoclassical Sculpture An interview with Vice Admiral Georgios Chraniotis, Founder, President Nikos Sofialakis was born in Erfous, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece in 1914 and passed away in Athens, Greece in 2002. While still a young child in Crete, he was considered an artistic prodigy by his schoolteachers who arranged for him to travel to Athens, at the age of ten, where he would have greater opportunities to nurture his talents. And so began a lifetime of artistic and historic contribution… Vice Admiral Georgios Chraniotis is the Founder, and President, of the Nikos Sofialakis Center of Neoclassical Sculpture. He has…

Remembering artist Dimitris Mytaras

16.03.2017 in Arts & Culture

Dimitris Mytaras In February 2017 the Culture society of Greece mourned a heavy loss when painter Dimitris Mytaras died at the age of 83. The art world has lost a dignified and humble artist, one of the few who has produced such a prolific body of work. But who was Mytaras and what earned him the respect and veneration of a nation? Dimitris Mytaras was born in 1934 in Chalcis on the island of Euboea. He lost his mother in his early childhood and live his early years with his barber father and stepmother in impoverished wartime conditions. Ηe later described…

The wonders of artist Dimitris Koskinas

18.01.2017 in Arts & Culture

Artist Dimitris Koskinas and his Architectural Wonders & Wonderful Superheroes! While the artwork of Dimitris Koskinas has been exhibited only in Greece and Italy, art collectors around the world anxiously await the chance to own one of his amazing pieces. Born and raised in Athens, near the Acropolis, artist Dimitris Koskinas grew up a stone’s throw away from the Parthenon, the Herodium Theater, and the Filopappou hill. These magnificent monuments were of profound influence from which he developed a great affection for Ancient Greek History and Mythology. In the early 90’s, Koskinas studied graphic design and traditional illustration. He then moved to London to further his…

George Tzimas: A Chromatic Revolutionist

15.10.2016 in Arts & Culture

George Tzimas: A Chromatic Revolutionist “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” -Degas Take a moment to see the art of George Tzimas and you will see a world of color, beauty and sheer joy. George Tzimas was born and raised in Athens. At the young age of 7, he began painting. Following his studies, he went on and received his fine arts ABC Diploma in France. With a spirit of humor and imagination, he began his artistic journey. Q. When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I have always been an artist, but the turning point for me…

Markos Kampanis: A Man of Many Talents

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture

Markos Kampanis: A Man of Many Talents To say Markos Kampanis is a painter of great talent, is a sheer understatement. Kampanis is an artist with skill in many fields, printmaking, book illustrations, church murals and icons – his portfolio is vast and diverse. His work has been shown throughout Greece and also graces the walls of many holy institutions, including a number of monasteries of Mount Athos.   This autumn season, Politismos is proud to present an exhibit curated by Markos Kampanis. We had an opportunity talk with him before the release to learn a bit more about this…

Onassis Foundation Legacy

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

Onassis Foundation Legacy   Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre (OCSC)   The first of the big projects envisioned and brought to completion by the Onassis Foundation Board of Directors was the OCSC; completed in 1992. It is a model, ultra-modern hospital, whose cost at the time amounted to more than $75,000,000 (estimated at €150,000,000 in today’s prices).   The 127-bed capacity hospital is designed in accordance with the modern architectural principles and technical specifications applicable to all large hospitals.    By the end of 2015 the hospital had admitted more than 350,000 patients and about 1,500,000 outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests had been logged….

Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait

01.06.2016 in Uncategorized

Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait   On May 29, 2016, artist Adoni Astrinakis debuted at The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY with three paintings from his “27 Club” collection – AMY, KURT, and JIMI. The paintings were received with great fanfare and were celebrated alongside works from EJ Camp, Bonnie Lautenberg, Laura Benjamin, Steve Joester and Evad.   The Golden Age of Rock n Roll” group show was the American debut for Astrinakis, who was born in Tasmania and now lives in Melbourne. For a few years after college, Adoni became CEO of a national healthy fast food chain…