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Let’s go to Chytra!



The decision to spend our summer holidays in Kythira was unanimous and we were full of excitement. The island where heavenly Aphrodite emerged, overflowing with love, nostalgia, romance, welcomed us a few days later and throughout our stay, generously shared with us its many treats!


Our list of favorites…

  • hospitality of the local residents
  • serenity of the nature of the island
  • imposing castles
  • unique natural waterfall
  • fairytale watermills
  • picturesque coves in small fishing villages
  • wonderful tavernas with sumptuous snacks and local drinks
  • magnificent beaches

And so much more! These are only some of the elements that create the magic of Kythira. Its stardust is generously spread over us all, without hesitation.

And suddenly an idea! Shall we go to Chytra? Without a second thought, after all we had heard, we contacted Captain Spyros about the details. With him, everything is easy. Chytra is a small rocky islet just outside Kapsali. The Captain, with 27 hears of experience, took us from the pier of Kapsali for what was to be two hour visit full of colors and experiences. In just eight minutes we reached Chytra.

The first experience: DEOS! It is the largest sea cave in Greece. A dry rock that stands lonely in the middle of the sea. Turquoise, transparent waters. Purple Rocks. It was the first time I ever saw such beauty. Nothing kept us aboard the ship and at the urging of the captain we did not lose time to dive into the deep blue. Surprises didn’t stop. The seabed was magical. Wild beauty. We were speechless, wanting to enjoy it as long as we could. Captain Spyros in his thunderous voice guided us to the cave.

He told us about the Sempreviva, the unique golden yellow flower that grows in the rough terrain of the Chytra. The name of the plant comes from Italian word “sempre” which means always and the share of the verb “vivere”, ie I live. The “Forever Living” flower symbolizes eternal love and is associated with the myth of Paris and Helen of Troy. The lonely wild rock of Chytra has been chosen by a rare protected falcon to find shelter here. No one was left untouched or unaffected by the uniqueness of the landscape. You will be touched by the reflection of the sky and your soul in the pond of frozen freshwater sea.

Time passed as the sun began to set, colors of the Chytra are emerged. The last surprise that awaited us was the sunset on the trip back. If you are fortunate enough to visit Kythera, seek out Captain Spyros and take in the beauty of Chytra, we highly recommend it!

10 Nov 2019, by Politismos Museum of Greek History in Travelx