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Healthy Eating Trends in Downtown Athens



For many years, tourists visiting Athens longed for a traditional souvlaki, fried potatoes and a Greek salad. But now, there’s a new trend spreading through central Athens…


In recent years, as the trends of vegetarianism and veganism spread rapidly all over the world, as well as in Greece, many healthy, sustainable and organic food restaurants have opened throughout the city of Athens. We share some of our favorites here with you!

Avocado: Food for Life

Avocado (30 Nikis Street) was one of the first (if not the first) restaurants of its kind to open in Athens. Avocado offers many choices – vegetarian, raw and gluten-free – delectable and tasty dishes, dishes with Mediterranean, Indian and European influences. Its menu is based on seasonal, traditional products combined in recipes made with love.

Mama Tierra

Based on the gifts of mother earth “Mama Tierra” (which means “mother earth” in Spanish) uses organic local produce to create delicious, healthy and high quality dishes. The most characteristic of the restaurant’s dishes is the vegetarian burger, so tasteful that can fool even the most avid beef burger fan!

Local Green

One of the latest additions to the “healthy food map” downtown is “Local Green”. A green oasis awaits healthy eating fans on Perikleous Street, offering a wide variety of healthy food options, vegan and gluten free options included, as well as cool drinks such as homemade lemonade without sugar, ice cream with probiotics (Kombucha), kefir water and natural cold pressed juices. The restaurant offers something unique to its clients: the option to create their own meal.

Nice & Easy

Organic products are the core of the “Nice & Easy” menu, located in Kolonaki (Omirou & Skoufa Streets). The restaurant uses as many organic products as possible, promoting fresh ingredients with the least possible intervention.


Special daily dishes, soups, wraps, sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, cakes, desserts are served in “Veganaki” (Athanasiou Diakou & Kallirhoes Streets). Veganaki, as an all day vegan restaurant and café, offers healthy and tasty vegan food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of their most popular dishes include falafel wraps, moussaka, pasta, vegan omelettes or vegetable burgers, as well as traditional pies.

Many gluten free options are also available. Everything is homemade with the best ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil. Even the coffee served here is fair-trade coffee and includes several plant-based milk options.


Traditional Greek cuisine, at its best, is waiting for you in “Typografos” restaurant in Metaxourgio. The building was once a printing house, operated 41 years ago by the Chef’s father!

Having studied the culinary art in France, chef Andreas Eftaxias brought to life his father’s old workshop and serves traditional dishes with a twist made of premium materials. Check Chef’s Eftaxia’s interview and recipes in Politismos Magazine!

Mystic Vegan

For quality vegan and healthy food, you can also visit “Mystic Vegan” in Exarcheia (Emmanouil Benaki Street) and head to “Bamboo Vegan”, a vegan Mini Market & Cafe in the heart of Athens (102 Solonos Street) for vegan snacks or a quick lunch.

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