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Food Expo 2018



One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions took place at the impressive “Metropolitan Expo” venue in Attica.


One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions in southeastern Europe, took place in Athens on March 10-12. In advance of opening, 800 exhibitors had confirmed their participation, and the final figure was expected to surpass 1,200 out of which at least 50 are exhibitors from other countries.

Since 1988, the company responsible for the organization of this successful trade show—FORUM S.A.—has offered high quality information and an ultimate meeting and interaction business platform to food industry professionals.

This was the 5th Food Expo that took place along with the 4th Oenotelia (wine exhibition), at the largest and most modern exhibition venue in Greece: The “Metropolitan Expo” complex covers a total of 12.4 acres and features impressive facilities. It is located just 1.2 miles from the Athens International Airport in Spata and is only a few minutes from the metro and the suburban railway station.

Last year’s (4th) Food Expo managed to attract more than 60,000 professionals from 25,000 businesses both from Greece and from the rest of the world, who used the trade fair to catch up on the latest food and beverage trends, innovations, and technologies and make key investment decisions. It had a record attendance of 2,500 international visitors, from 64 countries, 650 of whom participated in a special buyer program. The buyers who joined the program came from selected target markets around the world (Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia).

Growing exponentially, in a very short time, since its first go in 2014—by 500% in size and by 300% in exhibitors—the Food Expo is the fastest growing exhibition of food and beverages internationally.

Food Expo 2018 surely surpassed previous records, both in terms of size, as well as in commercial efficiency. According to the latest estimates, the number of Greek exhibitors was expected to reach 950, while the number of international exhibitors was expected to be around 250. It brought together the largest and most significant food and beverage producers to showcase their products to tens of thousands of Greek and foreign buyers!

Photos are courtesy of Food Expo Greece (available in their Press Kit)

13 Mar 2018, by Athina Pantazatou in Gastronomyx