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Aegina’s Folk Museum

15.10.2017 in Museums

The Historical & Folklore Museum of Aegina Panayiotis Eriotis, the prominent scholar, archaeologist, folklorist and literature professor who was the Director of the School of Aegina from 1887 to 1925, was a notable influential figure of the island’s cultural and academic world. Today, his home “houses” the culture of his beloved island… The Eriotis family home, built by Panayiotis’ own father in 1828, was bequeathed to the Municipality of Aegina by his daughter Polymnia Erioti Thomakou to house the Historical & Folklore Museum. Another prominent local figure, Gogo Koulikourdes, a professor of History and a close friend to Polymnia, was…

Chromonastiri Museum

15.06.2017 in Museums

Chromonastiri Military Museum A hidden historical gem… Some of the greatest treasures are often tucked away from site, unassuming and unexpected. The Chromonastiri Military Museum in Crete is one such treasure. Situated just outside Rethymno and housed in a restored Venetian mansion, the Chromonastiri Military Museum reveals a proud and impressive history of the Modern Greek military. The Chromonastiri Military Museum can be found on the southern tip of Chromonastiri village, on the northern rim of Mount Vrysinas. From a historical viewpoint, Chromonastiri is one of the most remarkable historic villages of Crete as the history of the region goes…

Byzantine Museum

15.05.2017 in Museums

Byzantine & Christian Museum of Athens – Α museum for everyone! The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens is one of the most significant institutions of Byzantine and post-Byzantine arts and culture in the entire world… With a history of more than 100 years, the Museum’s permanent exhibition has more than 3,000 objects, dating from the 3rd to the 20th centuries with objects coming from the Greek, Asia Minor and Balkan regions. The Museum’s collection is vast and includes portable icons, sculptures, ceramics, ecclesiastical textiles, paintings, as well as frescoes and mosaics. The Museum’s permanent collection is divided into two…

National Archaeological Museum – 150 years

17.02.2017 in Museums

National Archaeological Museum: 150 years of history The 150th anniversary of Greece’s National Archaeological Museum could not be better celebrated than with the “Odysseus” exhibition, a reflection of the nature of the Ancient Greeks and their inspiring culture. The National Archaeological Museum is without doubt the diamond in Athens’ crown, and the most significant museum in the world for Greek antiquities. But it is the impressive architecture of the building (and entry way adorned with an elongated neo-classic design garden, decorated with sculptures) is what initially captures the attention of visitors. The construction of the neo-classical style building began in 1866 and was completed…

J Paul Getty Presents

17.02.2017 in Museums

J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM PRESENTS  Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes The arts and culture of the Middle Ages were the inheritors of a rich classical tradition. For more than a millennium following the fall of Rome, antiquity was evoked and preserved through visual arts, ceremony, and manuscript culture. Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes, on view January 24 through May 28 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, explores the constant and varied engagement of medieval people with the classical past. “After the fall of the Roman Empire and the Christianization of Europe, many of the great works…

Museum of Cycladic Art

17.02.2017 in Museums

The Museum of Cycladic Art Subsistence, Rituals and Cults in “Cycladic Society 5,000 Years Ago” Cycladic civilization flourished on the islands of the central Aegean during the Early Bronze Age (3,200-2,000 BC).   The Museum of Cycladic Art maintains one of the largest and most complete collections of Cycladic antiquities in the world! The Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) holds representative samples of marble figurines and vases, bronze weapons and tools, leaden figurines and silver vessels, pottery from all the phases of the Early Cycladic period and symbolic objects decorated with incised motifs reminiscent of the sea, the stars, and female fertility. But what do…

The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

18.12.2016 in Museums

The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum Shiny sparkling bobbles. Brilliantly beautiful colors. Lavishly wonderful ornaments. There is magic in the air But it’s not Christmas we’re talking about… This is the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. Much like the work created by Ilias Lalaounis, the Museum named after him and founded in 1993 is a “one of a kind” in Greece. Unique indeed, the Museum is housed in the original workshop and includes more than 4000 pieces of jewelry and micro sculptures from over 50 collections designed by Lalaounis between 1940 and 2000. The director of the Museum is Ioanna Lalaounis, daughter of…

Museums of Lesbos

06.11.2016 in Museums

Our Recommendations for Must-See Museums in Lesbos! The George Jakobides Digital Museum Georgios Jakobides, born 1853 in Lesvos, studied at the Athens School of Fine Art and Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He was a student of fine artists like Nikiforos Lytras, Gabriel Von Max, L. Löfftz and W. Lindenschmit. It took little time for his work to gain international recognition. Due to his success and talent, in 1900, Greece appointed him director of the newly-established National Gallery. And by 1910, he was named director of the his alma mater, the Athens School of Fine Arts. The Digital Museum…