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13.07.2020 in Arts & Culture

George Tzimas, A Chromatic Revolutionist Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Take a moment to see the art of George Tzimas and you will see a world of color, beauty and sheer joy. George Tzimas was born and raised in Athens. At the young age of 7, he began painting. Following his studies, he went on and received his fine ar ts ABC Diploma in France. With a spirit of humor and imagination, he began his artistic journey. Q. When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I have always…

Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children

15.02.2020 in Arts & Culture

  Toys and smudges at Carnival-Country A Carnival theatrical performance that is transformed into a great Carnival Party. All children are becoming one active team with actors and are traveling throughout Greece and abroad. Children are becoming familiar and are participating in funny customs, dances, games and songs.   Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children “Carnival’s Puzzle” Can we have Carnival without colors, masks, dances and fun ? No way. No way. No way. “Carnival’s Puzzle” is an interactive theatrical performance, with full of imagination, games and fun. Children are assembling piece-by-piece the new Carnival-puzzle, they are solving the Carnival mystery…

Once upon the Lemon Tree, an interview with George Makris

12.01.2020 in Arts & Culture

Once upon the Lemon Tree, an interview with George Makris     Born in 1948 in Lesvos, George Makris graduated from “Pantion” University and also has a master degree (Politics) from NYU/NY and a PhD from Aristotelian University of Thessalonica (1996 in Social Demography).   He worked 30 years in the National Statistical Service and General Secretariat for Youth of Greece. From 1967-1974, George connected with musicians of the “new wave” trend. From 1997 to 2006 was a student of ecclesiastical music and a member of the choir “Protopsalton and Lambadarion”. In 2001, he established the rebetiko music group “Parapetamenoi”(neglected…

Triggering the Imagination: why children’s theater matters

20.12.2019 in Arts & Culture

Triggering the Imagination: why children’s theater matters An interview with Stefi Theodotou, playwright, director, animator   Theatre is a unique immersive learning experience for audiences of any age. There are numerous great shows around Athens to take your child to, and it is important that you do. Playwright, director, and animator Stefi Theodotou introduces her latest play, The Chair That Imagined, and explains why kids need theatre—it fires the imagination, gives them the skills and the creativity necessary to face the world, to comprehend it, and perhaps to change it too! What prompted you to get involved with productions for…

The Most Important Theater: putting children first

20.12.2019 in Arts & Culture

The Most Important Theater: putting children first     An interview with Elpida Minadaki, author and playwright   From 1896, when the well-known playwright Gregorios Xenopoulos published a volume of plays entitled “Children’s Theater,” and 1972 when actor Xenia Kalogeropoulou established the famous “Children’s Stage” and revolutionized children’s theater in Greece, to current productions, the genre has been a treasured part of the Athenian theatrical stages. Author and playwright Elpida Minadaki discusses her latest play, The Fantastic Trip of the Red Umbrella, and gives us an insider’s look to children’s productions nowadays.   What prompted you to get involved with…

Ancient Greek drama done the novel way

20.12.2019 in Arts & Culture

Ancient Greek drama done the novel way     An interview with Yiannis Hondrokoukis In a little theatre at the foot of the Acropolis, Koilon productions, a theatrical company that aims to promote Greek culture in innovative ways, has created and presents Athens’ only theatrical performance in the English language, meant for (but not restricted to, dare I add) tourists. From Homer to Aristophanes, “Medea and Other Friends I Made in Athens” brings its audience in touch with six of the most important works of Ancient Greek Drama. The producer Yiannis Hondrokoukis, the co-founder of Koilon Productions and mastermind behind…

Eleftheriart – “Powerfulness, joy, and love!”

10.11.2019 in Arts & Culture

Eleftheriart – “Powerfulness, joy, and love!”     Eleftheria Darzenta is the heart and soul of “Eleftheriart, ceramic and wood.” She is a passionate and compassionate being, both traits of character that are harder to come by than she may think. When met with challenges and hardship, her love for the world around her has been a driving force for creating her unbound (“eleftheri”) art and for giving back to society.   Eleftheria, born in Athens in 1978, fell in love with clay sometime in 2012 and has, since, taken part in many art projects, joint exhibitions, and charitable events…

The Chair that Imagined – Children’s Theatre

05.11.2019 in Arts & Culture

THE CHAIR THAT IMAGINED Children’s Interactive Musical Theatre Performance with live music on stage For children 3-10 years old The interactive children’s play “The Chair That Imagined” the new play by Stefi Theodotou, goes up on the stage of “Theatro tis imeras” (Theatre of the Day) starting on Sunday, November 10, 2019! Come to play, dance, have fun and find new creative ways that combine knowledge with imagination! With a number of successful performances in her showcase, and of course her sold-out children’s play “Nature’s Secret” that was embraced by young and old at the theatre “Theatro tis imeras” last…

The fantastic trip of the red umbrella

07.10.2019 in Arts & Culture

The Fantastic Trip of the Red Umbrella A Wonderful Performance for the Children about LOVE, ART, GREAT ITALIAN PAINTER OF THE EARLY RENAISSANCE SANDRO BOTICCELI, AND GODDESS APHRODITE, THE SYMBOL OF BEAUTY! For reservations: 210-300-5169 additional details available on the Ministry of Education website (e-yliko)  

ROMANIOTE MEMORIES – A Jewish Journey From Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan

22.09.2019 in Arts & Culture

ROMANIOTE MEMORIES – A Jewish Journey From Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano     “Romaniote Memories – a Jewish Journey from Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano” will open at the Consulate of Greece in New York, along with a lecture and panel discussion about Romaniote.   The exhibition “Romaniote Memories – a Jewish Journey from Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano” will be on exhibit in New York from September 19 to October 9, 2019 along with a panel discussion about Romaniote Jews will take place at the Consulate on Wednesday, September 25th…..