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Eleftheriart – “Powerfulness, joy, and love!”

10.11.2019 in Arts & Culture

Eleftheriart – “Powerfulness, joy, and love!”     Eleftheria Darzenta is the heart and soul of “Eleftheriart, ceramic and wood.” She is a passionate and compassionate being, both traits of character that are harder to come by than she may think. When met with challenges and hardship, her love for the world around her has been a driving force for creating her unbound (“eleftheri”) art and for giving back to society.   Eleftheria, born in Athens in 1978, fell in love with clay sometime in 2012 and has, since, taken part in many art projects, joint exhibitions, and charitable events…

The Chair that Imagined – Children’s Theatre

05.11.2019 in Arts & Culture

THE CHAIR THAT IMAGINED Children’s Interactive Musical Theatre Performance with live music on stage For children 3-10 years old The interactive children’s play “The Chair That Imagined” the new play by Stefi Theodotou, goes up on the stage of “Theatro tis imeras” (Theatre of the Day) starting on Sunday, November 10, 2019! Come to play, dance, have fun and find new creative ways that combine knowledge with imagination! With a number of successful performances in her showcase, and of course her sold-out children’s play “Nature’s Secret” that was embraced by young and old at the theatre “Theatro tis imeras” last…

The fantastic trip of the red umbrella

07.10.2019 in Arts & Culture

The Fantastic Trip of the Red Umbrella A Wonderful Performance for the Children about LOVE, ART, GREAT ITALIAN PAINTER OF THE EARLY RENAISSANCE SANDRO BOTICCELI, AND GODDESS APHRODITE, THE SYMBOL OF BEAUTY! For reservations: 210-300-5169 additional details available on the Ministry of Education website (e-yliko)  

ROMANIOTE MEMORIES – A Jewish Journey From Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan

22.09.2019 in Arts & Culture

ROMANIOTE MEMORIES – A Jewish Journey From Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano     “Romaniote Memories – a Jewish Journey from Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano” will open at the Consulate of Greece in New York, along with a lecture and panel discussion about Romaniote.   The exhibition “Romaniote Memories – a Jewish Journey from Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano” will be on exhibit in New York from September 19 to October 9, 2019 along with a panel discussion about Romaniote Jews will take place at the Consulate on Wednesday, September 25th…..

“The Creator Lives in this World”

13.06.2019 in Arts & Culture

“The Creator Lives in this World”     An Interview with Kostis Georgiou   World-renowned artist Kostis Georgiou sees sculpture, paint, and music as the “containers” of his creations. Some of his works stand stories high. But there is no container large enough to constrain the creativity and mastery of his artistic soul and genius.   The work of Kostis Georgiou has graced galleries, museums and centers around the world. From paintings to music to larger than life sculptures, his works evoke fierce emotions and response. His background and influences are diverse. He worked as a journalist for Kerdos, a…

A Briki and Other Masterpieces

13.06.2019 in Arts & Culture

A Briki and Other Masterpieces     An interview with Nadia Tass   Nadia Tass is one of Australia’s most respected and unique filmmakers with her films being responsible for 23 Australian Film Institute awards and 68 international awards. The Greek director was born in Florina, in the village of Lofoi and migrated to Melbourne, Australia with her parents at the age of seven.   After pursuing an academic career in Arts and Education, Tass began acting and directing classical and contemporary theatre in Melbourne. Her experience as a theater director is extensive, ranging from improvised theatre and classic plays…

Greece in our arts and culture

05.05.2019 in Arts & Culture

Greece in our arts and culture   There is a charm and magic about Greece, its history and culture. It belongs not only to the Greeks, but to all those who it influences and delights. This spring and summer a wide array of exhibits will be held globally celebrating Hellenism. This month, we are pleased to share two exciting exhibits, one which features some of the earliest photographs of Greece, and the other which shares the links between mythology and the magic of Disney!   Monumental Journey: The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey The Met, New York www.metmuseum.org Now through…


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

DJANGO- ATHENS GYPSY JAZZ FESTIVAL   Multicolored, versatile, full of rhythm, original and joyful, are a few descriptions of the Django Festival. It is a festival that includes musicians, dancers and cultural groups dedicated to the great music and art inspired by Django Reinhardt with his swing manouche gypsy jazz.   DJANGOFEST works with instrument manufacturers, set designers, photographers, DJs and independent dance groups to create an annual event for gypsy jazz artists that captures the imagination of the audience. Every Djangofest is a unique celebration for all jazz lovers and friends of the City’s alternative concert scene. Djangofest perfectly…


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

GREEK JAZZ PANORAMA   Jazz Panorama at the Onassis Cultural Centre’s rooftop terrace (Stegi), celebrates emerging musicians of the Greek jazz scene every December. It is a three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene.   The Greek Jazz Panorama promotes the next generation of artists by featuring ensembles with bandleaders under 30 years old. These young artists have the opportunity to present diverse performances of contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation bringing innovative Greek jazz musicians to the attention of an international audience. For more information please visit the website: www.sgt.gr


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

PREVEZA JAZZ FESTIVAL   The best representatives of contemporary European music will gather in western Greece, from May 31st to June 2nd, for the renowned Preveza Jazz Festival.   Initially organized in 2003, the Preveza Jazz Festival promotes Greek and foreign emerging and established jazz bands through concerts in open-air public spaces within the city. The Preveza Jazz Festival is, after the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, the longest-running jazz festival with an international character in Greece. Buena Vista Social Club, Eric Burdon, Cristina Villalonga, Goran Bregovic, Stranglers, Dr. Feelgood, Wim Mertens, Nouvelle Vague, Cristina Branco, Marjorie Barnes, Maria Joao, Ramon…