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Food Expo 2018 – One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions took place at the impressive “Metropolitan Expo” venue in Attica. by Athina D. Pantazatou One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions in southeastern Europe, took place in Athens on March 10-12. In advance of opening, 800 exhibitors had confirmed their participation, and the final figure was expected to surpass 1,200 out of which at least 50 are exhibitors from other countries. Since 1988, the company responsible for the organization of this successful trade show—FORUM S.A.—has offered high quality information and an ultimate meeting and interaction…

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George Tzimas, A Chromatic Revolutionist Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Take a moment to see the art of George Tzimas and you will see a world of color, beauty and sheer joy. George Tzimas was born and raised in Athens. At the young age of 7, he began painting. Following his studies, he went on and received his fine ar ts ABC Diploma in France. With a spirit of humor and imagination, he began his artistic journey. Q. When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I have always…

Hippocratic Oath

12.03.2020 in History

Hippocratic Oath   1. I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this contract: 2. To hold him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to be a partner in life with him, and to fulfill his needs when required; to look upon his offspring as equals to my own siblings, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or contract; and…

Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children

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  Toys and smudges at Carnival-Country A Carnival theatrical performance that is transformed into a great Carnival Party. All children are becoming one active team with actors and are traveling throughout Greece and abroad. Children are becoming familiar and are participating in funny customs, dances, games and songs.   Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children “Carnival’s Puzzle” Can we have Carnival without colors, masks, dances and fun ? No way. No way. No way. “Carnival’s Puzzle” is an interactive theatrical performance, with full of imagination, games and fun. Children are assembling piece-by-piece the new Carnival-puzzle, they are solving the Carnival mystery…

Once upon the Lemon Tree, an interview with George Makris

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Once upon the Lemon Tree, an interview with George Makris     Born in 1948 in Lesvos, George Makris graduated from “Pantion” University and also has a master degree (Politics) from NYU/NY and a PhD from Aristotelian University of Thessalonica (1996 in Social Demography).   He worked 30 years in the National Statistical Service and General Secretariat for Youth of Greece. From 1967-1974, George connected with musicians of the “new wave” trend. From 1997 to 2006 was a student of ecclesiastical music and a member of the choir “Protopsalton and Lambadarion”. In 2001, he established the rebetiko music group “Parapetamenoi”(neglected…


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Xerotigana   Ingredients 500 gr. flour 2 eggs Olive oil for frying Roasted sesame seeds Cinnamon   Method Make the dough by combining the flour and eggs. Roll out into thin pastry sheet with a rolling pin and then cut into evenly spaced strips with the a ravioli wheel. According to tradition, this is where the Tsirigotises (housewives of Tsirigotes) begin their “embroidery”. They make little “boats” with the dough and connect them together as if they were creating an embroidery hoop. The oil is then heated for frying, but be careful it does not get to hot or smokes….

The Flavor of Kythera

10.11.2019 in Gastronomy

The Flavor of Kythera     Kythera! An island that has been spoken of since ancient years. Herodotus, Aristotle, Xenophon and Isidoros have all spoken of this island. It’s names derives from the verb “keftho” – which means to hide. But it’s beauty and charm is nothing to be hidden, and as beautiful as the island is, the flavors are the sweet “extra” you won’t want to leave behind!   Kythera, the island of Aphrodite. The name of the island derives from the verb “keftho” which means “hide”, but those who make love in Kythera, discover its hidden erotic passion….

The Holy Places of Kythera

10.11.2019 in History

The Holy Places of Kythera     The island of Kythera, no matter how many times you visit, will always give you “one more” reason to return. The holy places of the island are soulful, magical and will call you back again and again.   Our first visit was our summer vacation a few years ago. Sun, sea, baths, rest, and good food were our goals, and we received surprisingly more than we expected. Unfortunately, we simply did not have enough days to take in all the “treasures” that the island has and we wanted to discover. But on a…

Let’s go to Chytra!

10.11.2019 in Travel

Let’s go to Chytra!     The decision to spend our summer holidays in Kythira was unanimous and we were full of excitement. The island where heavenly Aphrodite emerged, overflowing with love, nostalgia, romance, welcomed us a few days later and throughout our stay, generously shared with us its many treats!   Our list of favorites… hospitality of the local residents serenity of the nature of the island imposing castles unique natural waterfall fairytale watermills picturesque coves in small fishing villages wonderful tavernas with sumptuous snacks and local drinks magnificent beaches And so much more! These are only some of…

The fantastic trip of the red umbrella

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The Fantastic Trip of the Red Umbrella A Wonderful Performance for the Children about LOVE, ART, GREAT ITALIAN PAINTER OF THE EARLY RENAISSANCE SANDRO BOTICCELI, AND GODDESS APHRODITE, THE SYMBOL OF BEAUTY! For reservations: 210-300-5169 additional details available on the Ministry of Education website (e-yliko)