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24 Hours in Aggistri

Less than a hour from Athens, and only 10 minutes from Aegina, is the small and peaceful island of Agistri. Just under five square miles, this little gem in the Saronic Islands boasts amazing shorelines, two main ports, a national forest and an abundance of culture!

September is a wonderful time to visit Greece – the hustle and bustle of the tourist season has died down, but the sun is still warm and the sea calm. But if you are looking for an ultra-quiet get away to refresh your mind and spirit, then Agistri is definitely the place to visit!

On a warm Friday afternoon, you’ll find few cars on the road. But not to worry! The shorelines are lined quaint hotels and B&Bs are in walking distance from either of Agistri’s ports. But not to the point of “overcrowded” in any manner. The sound of birds, sea and quiet happy chatter fills the air.

Agisitri has a number of hotels and private homes for rent. Airbnb brought us to Joanna’s, a wonderful apartment just above Skliri Beach. Skiliri is nestled in a cove with the city to the right and Chalikiada Forest to the left. For true nature lovers, you can bring a tent and spend the night under the stars and just above the sea.

Chalikiada Forest has wonderful trails for even the most beginner of hikers or walkers. Or bring your bike and roam through countless pine trees for an afternoon.

Historically, it is believed that Agistri may be either the ancient island of Kekrifalia, or the “old isle of Pitounisos”, both of which are referred to by Pliny. It is the reference of pine trees that has led many to believe it could well be ancient Kekrifalia.

While there has been little archaeological research on the island, artifacts have been found from the Hellenistic and proto-Corinthian eras. Be sure to visit the church of the Prophet Elias, which is believed to have been built on the foundation of another Byzantine era church.

And while this island is quiet and off the beaten path, it also boasts a number of conferences held annually, from architecture groups, to cultural events.

Get away from the city. Get away from the crowds. Even for just one short day. 24 hours in Agistri is all you need to re-energize your soul!

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Joanna’s Beachside Apartments on Airbnb

15 Oct 2017, by Politismos Museum of Greek History in Travelx